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...me with Jimmy B...

me and the Heineken DJ winner! hee hee.

it was such a kick ass night!


this is so true of yesterday!


Today, you're not just having a good time. You're have a really good time! And you don't just like them. You really like them! And you aren't just good looking -- you're really hot!

>>IN OTHER NEWS.. this is what i have to work on this week.

If you think you can or you think you can't . . . you’re right! — Unknown
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you guys look as cute as hell! he is hot.

maybe it is just me


haha! i dont know him! just had my photo taken with him!

its ace being journalista cause always havin my pic taken! he he! and with random peeps!

what?? what i do???

*wide eyes*

having too much fun again lol... i'm going to see plump dj's at fabrique next weekend woo!
hahah! i went to see scratch perverts last night.. was soo much fun! i'll post the pic in the week sometime! is cool photo. hee hee!

bit hungover now though.. and suppose to be writing about katherine hepburn..!

plumps are SO kick ass! wish theyd come back here.. i seen em soo many times and never get bored of them. they have the best break downs! HURRAH!

you'll have too much fun! xx