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well - I have even more good news!! i am so excited!!!

I wrote a piece on a new street press magazine called precinct last night at work/after work..(ive attatched it so you can have a squiz and see how i write!) Its basically made by a company i used to work for called DAVID JONES who are a department store!! so they have made this "street press" magazine but it only features their products, advertises their products.. all the editorial (or should i say ADVERtorial) features David Jones! oh my goodness. its brainwashing. but completely covert.. like sneaky!! i only knew cause had read about it somewhere. godness me, its so sneaky. what a clever marketing tactic though.. so i wrote about 450 words on it last night and sent it off to loads magazines this morning.. ive been sending squillions of ideas off and trying to get some in print..

SO! i get an email back from a magazine called FRANKIE (www.frankie.com.au).. which is super duper kick ass cool.. and they said they like my ideas, but some of them arent v frankie.. but...!! they have a feature coming up on a page called “who was she” and it’ll profile cool old school starts like katherine hepburn and marilyn monroe. Quirky editorial on a past infamous star – who they were, habits they had, what they were renowned for, whether they have any kids (and who they are now), secrets etc etc.. and am i interested in writing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was like *OH MY GOD! I LOVE KATHERINE HEPBURN!!!!* so i replied and said i would LOVE to do the article and so thats that! the deadline may 2nd so i just gotta get researching! its all so triple exciting cause it is gonna be GREAT to start writing for Frankie!!

I also got a reply from YEN magazine (www.yenmag.net) who i am desperate to work for! i LOVE the magazine.. and James - another guy i met at the exhibition said keep sending in ideas and they are having an editorial meeting tomo and will take all my ideas to that and see if they want to use any of them.. but keep eyes out for quirky little thing around sydney to write about for the front pages of the magazine.. so i emailed back and said def will and thanks for his time etc and im just gonna brainstorm crazy over the next few weeks and send him loads and loads of ideas.. is good cause hes met me and i told him how much i wanna work for yen and is so good to have a face to put to the name.. is just really good to get the ball rolling and let him know that i still wanna work for him super loads. if they dont like these ideas. i got a million more.

ANYWAY>> so thats all FANTASTICA!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i just sent off the copy of the precinct article to my current editor sonia and she emailed back saying that the mega-boss asked her to write something on it!!! so thats cool and she said she'll try and fit it in somewhere and shes forwarded it on to him. so thats really cool TOO! yip yip yippppeeee!!

I have to chase up the DJ this afternoon and see when i can meet his manager and hope everything is going coolio with him.

so tonight is the exhibition and a party for something or other, my editor is gonna be at both too so that should be nice.. gotta be professional whizz kid girl... must get names properly and make sure match them correctly to the photos. working with new photographer so that should be interesting.

OK. i better go! too much excitement and no work!!

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