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ma burfdy!

Yipeee its ma burfday! I have had a supercool day so far and so I am happy to be 23!!

Ma flatmate Peta woke me up this morning with a birthday cake with candles (so sweet! It was 6.30am so it was still dark outside) and a cool pres and strawberry juice (mmm I LOVE strawberries.. we drank strawberry champagne on Monday night mMMmmmMMmm)!! It was sooo sweet of her.. she got me cool book – “And then he died with a falafel in his hand” it’s a wicked book of stories about share houses in Australia.. its soo funny (I read a couple of pages already) and just reminds me of London (sharing houses with many crazy peeps.. like james the alcoholic that was always pissed and shouting at me but used to think we were really similar which we blatantly weren’t as I am nice and he was complete loon and that steven crazy weird belgian boy who got jealous and called me a slut if I ever kissed anyone even though I never spoke to him!?? Weird weird weird!!)

I might drop in on the vintage shop on the way home as I might see if theres any bargains I could buy myself as a pres!! I really want a vintage bag and the other day I said I would sell my soul for a 1920’s fringed bag.. hmm.. I wonder if there is one there.. they are quite expensiva though.. maybe I will be restrained.

I got loads of CD’s on Monday from Cream magazine (im writing reviews) – I got some ace ones! Theres a wicked gal called M.I.A – its wickeda.. like mash up grime… super hot and mega trendy.. woohoo! You would LOVE her – she so wicked! Got into music cause peaches gave her a 505 someting or other (some music equipment) its soo wicked! So been listening to that and also the Black Eyed Peas new album which is ace a mondo.. hmm.. loads more too.. I got about 10 cd’s… the new Nine Inch Nails which is disappointing and incredibly similar to their last album – The Fragile and Juliet who I have their single on vinyl but their album sounds like Garbage (the band not the trash!) anyway.. its not so good. The gorrillaz are crap, I wish I didn’t have to review them. Anyway, its ace to be writing for a new magazine!

I’m goin for sushi and cocktail lata! Yummy yummy! Sushi is le best!

Wellllllll not much other goss.. tomorrow im offskis to an Absolut party! Yippee! I hope there will be load of free Absolut (new rasberi flava) and good music. I have no idea where it is or anything though so I better find out and hopefully my editor will come too.. I usually get completely trashed at these things so that’s lots of fun!

Then the weekend HURRRRRRRAAAAHHHHHHH. Today feels like a Friday cause I am off to meet my friend Maia for lunch at a thai restaurant and we usually meet for dinner on Fridays.. mmm… I keep thinking yippee it’s the weekend but it just blatantly isn’t yet.. although its almost cause am gonna be going out the next three nights.

Ok well I better get back to errrr work! Haha not really, just write more emails and I still have a few reviews to write!
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