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Dear journale..

Well time for another proper update! Its not often (usually drunk photos of me and peta) i update but you are all lucky and i will tell you some of my adventures!

Hehe.. i went to tha Absolut Rasberri party last week and got annihalated... fuck me i was drunk.. i dont remember hardly anything.. but listening back to my tape last night made me laugh soooo much!! I start off all professional and get more and more squeaky and slurry and excited and noisy as the night goes on.. the funniest bit is >>> CUT COPY are some cool band that are quite popular over here! hahaha...

Cat is the magazine I write for (ie. Cat = me) i am supposed to chat to everyone who is at these parties and get their names, what they do etc for the magazine.. unfortunately i only got about 10 names in total and one of them was this..

CAT: Whats your name baby? (quite slurry and over excitable)
Mitchell: Mitchell
CAT: What do you do Mitchell?
Mitchell: I play drums in Cut Copy
CAT: In what??
Mitchell: Cut Copy
CAT: Do you?? Are Cut Copy any good??
Mitchell: Terrible. Does that record headshakes? (points to Dictaphone)

hehehe.. i dont remember that at all!! thats why i found it super amusing! anyway.. straight after that i say *ashley (my photographer) is trying to get me stop drinking... fuck offfff!!* and then ashley comes on tape going *no more alcohol for youuu... * and i slur *thats so NEVER gonna happen* hehehe... i was such a nightmare!! was sooooo pissed.

ermmmMmmM.. whattt else is new.. this weekend is gonna be manic! i have been listening to ferry corsten all morning non stop and i am going to see him tonight at HOME !!! god, i am so excited, i just cant wait..!! and i might just have a little happiness (oi oi) to make the night more perky! WAHOO! so we'll see how it goes.. hehe... god, im soo excited.im really hoping a couple of friends will be coming too but it depends on visa stuff for them. i dont have a flippin visa but i have to sort that out. I have been redoing my cv today and so i have to make it triple posh and send it off.. i might ask my editor to have a look over it too and give me some advice.. anything basically that can help me. im getting mega worried about trying to get another visa. but fuck it.. whats his name is here errr FERRY CORSTEN and thats all that matters. god i am excited. i dont think i can wait! its gonna be sooo good!

then chris carter tomorrow night! YIPIPIPIPIEEEEE!! god, thats gonna be excellent too! then tha sounds afterparty! yahooo!! what a lovely weekend.. got a bit of writing to do and have to go to the hair expo too so i will be a busy bee!

my friends arriving in sydney on sunday! im soo excited! gonna catch up wit her next week.. its gonna be sooo manic seeing her in oz! i cant wait! hurrah!

Right im off.

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